Brand Identity

Your “brand identity” is the combination of several verbal, visual, and emotional attributes that define your company and distinguish it from the competition. The need for brand identity is driven by the manner people feel and react as opposed to their perceptions.

At Magic Marketing, creating a successful brand identity starts with truly understanding your business needs. We offer value from the very first conversation by delving into the right questions which stay unique to every business brand that we deal with. The right strategy for your business will never be a template that worked for a similar business; it will be a comprehensive strategy that supports and aligns with your vision, values, business goals.

Our expertise and our dedication to outperform our clients’ expectations helps us stay ahead of time to understand your industry and the unique benefits your product/service provides.

We begin the branding process by closely interacting with your executive team and developing a gap analysis. Crafting a comprehensive brand content strategy, we move on to products and services, and target demographics. We use this content to boost your brand recognition through an integrated trade show, PR, trade advertising strategy, SEO-friendly case studies and white papers, Social and email marketing, etc.

Logo Design

Your logo is the reflection of your brand.

The right Logo design is a highly sought after digital asset. It is the first impression of your business. A company’s logo is intended for immediate recognition, infusing trust, loyalty and an implied credibility. Your logo is one unique aspect of your brand or economic entity. Its shapes, colours, fonts, typography, and images differentiate you from your competitors.

Our creative and graphics team will work directly with you to create a unique logo that semantically connects with your targeted audience.